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AC & Heating Zoned Systems in Prosper

Giving You Better Control Over Your Home’s Temperature

Central air systems can be costly to run, especially during the hot summer months. As a homeowner, you may have considered switching to another cooling and heating system, such as wall mounted or ductless units. However, AC Repair Pros recommends that you consider a zoned system.

Zoned air conditioning and heating use your home’s existing ductwork, only with a few alterations. Our team of AC and heating technicians in Prosper is certified to both install and repair zoned air conditioning and heating systems, whether you live in McKinney, Frisco, or Prosper, TX.

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Our Zoned Systems Offer Many Benefits, Such As:

  • Greater comfort- With more control over your home’s temperature, you are able to cool and heat individual areas of your home at different temperatures through the use of separate thermostats.
  • Cost-effectiveness- By only cooling and heating the occupied areas of your home, you can lower your energy costs significantly.
  • Dual-functionality- Zoned systems are made to both heat and cool your home, negating the need to have a separate air conditioning system and heater.

Understanding the Zoned System Installation Process

A zoned system has four main components, which are the zone control panel, thermostat, zone dampers, and bypass dampers. The zone control panel feeds the information to the entire system, such as when to activate the zone dampers. The thermostat in each zone controls the temperature in that zone, sending information directly to the control panel.

Zone dampers are installed in your home’s ductwork and control how much air is fed into each zone, opening and closing electronically. You may or may not need a bypass damper, which helps relieve air pressure from ductwork. If you are interested in getting a zoned HVAC system installed in your McKinney, Frisco, or Prosper home – call us at AC Repair Pros today!

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