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Thermostat Installation & Repair in Prosper

Offering Both Digital & Analog Thermostats

Your system’s thermostat plays a vital role in your home’s cooling and heating, allowing you to control the temperature throughout your living space. Serving the Greater Collin County area, including Prosper, Frisco, and McKinney, AC Repair Pros provides both installation and repair services for every brand of thermostats.

If you have been having trouble with your air conditioner or heating, it may be that your thermostat is in need of a repair. Our experienced technicians can help assess the problem and provide recommendations, including replacement and maintenance.

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Types of Thermostats We Can Install

We provide several types of thermostats in Prosper, including:

  • Analog- Most older homes are outfitted with an analog thermostat, which only gives users the ability to control the temperature
  • Digital- With an easy-to-read interface, digital thermostats are the most popular types of thermostats in homes
  • Programmable- This type gives you the ability to set a timer, giving you greater control over your home’s environment
  • Wireless- Through the use of a connected remote, you are able to control the HVAC system throughout your home
  • Units with Wi-Fi capabilities- Forgot to turn off the AC? With a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat, you are able to check-in on your HVAC system even when you’re not home
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Offering Trane Thermostats

At AC Repair Pros, we are proud vendors of Trane and Honeywell products. These two leading manufacturers offer some of the best AC and heating equipment out on the market. From Wi-Fi capability to smart-home technology, Trane and Honeywell give new meaning to the word “comfort.” Allow our heating and cooling technicians in Prosper to find the best thermostat for your home.

Some of Our Most Popular Trane and Honeywell Thermostats Include:
  • ComfortLink- Has a color touchscreen that helps homeowners adjust the temperature of each room of the house
  • ComfortLink II- A smart thermostat that integrates with the Nexia™ Home Intelligence system
  • Trane XL900- An Energy Star product known to reduce energy costs while monitoring indoor air quality
  • Trane XL800- Has a wide range of features including a removable screen, manual or auto changeover, filter replacement alert, and more
  • Honeywell Touchscreen- One of the easiest to use thermostats on the market today
  • Honeywell 6000- Offers superior performance and ease of use

Schedule Your Annual Maintenance in McKinney, Prosper, or Frisco Today!