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Prosper Heat Pump Repair & Installation

An Energy-Efficient Alternative to Warm or Cool Your Home

Heat pumps give homeowners another option when it comes to home heating and cooling. Heat pumps work by moving air from one area to another. By transferring heat instead of creating it, like conventional AC units, heat pumps save homeowners money on energy costs. With our extensive experience and expertise, AC Repair Pros is dedicated to providing Collin County residents with quality service in a timely manner.

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Is a Heat Pump the Right Choice For Your Home?

Heat pumps offer many benefits. As mentioned above, since heat is being transferred instead of created, operational costs are lower than those of traditional heating and AC systems. Also, in addition to heating your home, heat pumps are able to lower the temperature by displacing heat from inside the home. Furthermore, since heat pumps move air from inside the home to outside, your home can get dehumidified.

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Offering Heat Pump Repair Services in McKinney, Frisco & Beyond

At AC Repair Pros, we want to make sure that your heat pump is good and running. For your convenience, we provide emergency repair services in the Collin County area. We understand how important your comfort is, which is why we make ourselves available to you 24/7.

Some Common Heat Pump Issues That Can Be Addressed with a Repair Service Include:

  • An unresponsive heat pump that won’t turn on
  • The temperature inside your home only gradually heats and cools
  • The unit unpredictably turns off
  • You notice loud and irregular noises coming from the unit
  • Ice buildup around the unit is not defrosting
  • The power shifts on and off

Schedule Your Annual Maintenance in McKinney, Prosper, or Frisco Today!